Zabarmari Genocide: PDP Blames APC For Silence Over Attack In Borno

The @OfficialPDPNig is outraged by the irresponsible and strange attempt to demystify the brutal decapitation of 43 innocent Nigerians by insurgent groups in Zabarmari, Borno state, by the @MBuhari Presidency.

The @OfficialPDPNig is irritated by the statements of the @MBuhari Presidency that farmers were murdered because they refused to get authorisation prior to actually going to their farms;

a declaration that is also an acceptance that insurgents have overpowered the @MBuhari government and can no longer offer a normal life for our fellow citizens.

Our party confirms that it is strange, unethical and disgusting that by this nuanced attempt to normalize the murder of innocent and hard-working Nigerians, the @MBuhari Presidency presently intends to turn itself into a propaganda arm of insurgents.

“This treasonous sentiment strikes of the assistance of a government whose Commander-in-Chief had guaranteed Nigerians to take up the fight against terrorists from the front for terrorist acts and vapid murdering of our fellow citizens.

Our party is forced to maintain that perceptions such as the @MBuhari Presidency’s treasonous comment incite terrorists in our nation’s relentless attacks.

This also offers even more additional insight into the intensification of terrorist acts in our country in the past five years.

It is really startling that the @MBuhari Presidency has graduated from making unsubstantiated statements that terrorist activity has diminished to the awkward point of accusing the falling survivors of terror acts on unsecured and defenseless Nigerians.

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This to say the very least, is the apex of the lazy, drowsy and incompetent @MBuhari management’s leadership fault.

This enormous lack of compassion, which adds up to a spat on the headstone of the murdered as well as an unforgivable smack on the faces of the generality of the weeping Nigerians, is however insensitive for the @MBuhari Presidency to demonstrate.

Possibly this also explains why their party, @OfficialAPCNg, did not consider it appropriate to have a word of perplexity or consolation for the bereaved.

And as such, our party requests on President @MBuhari to simply remove his Presidency’s inflammatory remark and offer an apology to the Nigerians, especially the people of the state of Borno.

“The @OfficialPDPNig also reaffirm our request to Mr. President to uphold the mandates by Nigerians to restructure our security infrastructure as well as supplant his service chiefs with more capable hands in the benefit of our country,” PDP’s comment stated.

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