Here are things you can do that will never make your girlfriend break up with you, but fill her heart with joy.

Pleasing a your girlfriend is not difficult and costly, mostly if she loves you already. It is your responsibility to give her several reasons to be happy and make her feel loved and precious as a boyfriend. Although it can be hard to understand the feelings of a lady, you should try various methods to keep her satisfied.

  1. Make her feel like she is unique, exceptional and not ordinary
  2. Whenever she does something special for you, never forget to display your gratefulness or appreciation. A small “thank you” will lighten up her day and make it worth all of her attempts.
  3.  Even if you’re not a great cook, little willingness, and effort will be appreciated.  It will make her happy and cheerful in a romantic way, because not only do you expect to win her heart and mind, but also her sense of taste.
  4. It will make her feel safe, respected, and honored by holding her in public. It’s going to make her happier, thinking that you feel proud and blessed to have her.
  5.  keep making her feel protected. Your protective pattern will also make you feel better with your girlfriend. When your she feels safe with you, she’ll feel like you’re someone she can count on and naturally feel better about falling in love with you. Girls love compliments, try to make her feel more valued. So if you find a good thing about her, offer her the praise that she merits. Adoring her lovely smile, admiring her new attire, or telling her that you like her fragrance.
  6. Tell her that you love her more often, dig deep into her eyes, and repeat the  3 words with 8 letters. In any relationship, this is one of the easiest and most significant laws. And just let her know how much you love her and how special she is won’t even make a hole in your bank account, but she’ll certainly be happy.
  7. One of the nicest thing you can do girlfriend is give your her something to read that will explain how you think and feel about her each day, example; Write a love letter or leave small notes.
  8. One of the effective ways to build your lady’s smile is to give her flowers without a chance. Ladies have the best type of happiness. You can stop by unexpectedly at her home or office .
  9. Blow her mind with lovely text messages, let her know you’re missing her and tell her she’s always on your mind. Your message is not just a ordinary, it is gives her joy.
  10. Call her at least once a daily and ask what she’s doing or maybe ask how her day is moving. She’s going to love it and enable her feel taken good care of.
  11. One of the most significant thing you have to remember in any relationship is spending quality time with your girlfriend. No matter how horrible or busy your routine is, don’t hesitate to give up your time with her and build happy moments. Create things that will make your time unforgettable together.
  12. When she’s talking to you, pay close attention to her. Girls often just want someone to listen to all their sermons. Surely, she would love you for doing just that.
  13. Respect her, offer respect, and respect will be granted to you. When your girlfriend is around, always be courteous and learn how to treat her like a queen. She  will certainly enjoy your sincere side and, even with your simple actions, make her happy.
  14.  Surprise her, You don’t have to buy her presents that are costly to make your girlfriend happy, a simple treats of her desired chocolate milk, a bag of biscuits, or a cinema ticket is appropriate.
  15. Girls appreciate being pampered. Tell her stories, recite intimate lyrics for her, or play her favorite album, buy her the stuff she cherishes.
  16. While enjoying the fragrance of her hair, give her a warm hug. It’ll make your girlfriend feel like she is still missed by her boyfriend.
  17. If you’ve make mistakes, do not find it hard to say sorry. Do this also for issues that may have seemed important. Let her know that her feelings matter to you. Do it frankly, of course. And if you are asking for forgiveness by text or chat messages, make sure you correctly spell SORRY.
  18. Include her in the making of decisions. You are in a relationship, so think and act like one. While you are the one who will determine which path to take, remember her thoughts as well. She’ll see that her input is loved by you and this will make her even more respected.
  19. Try to be faithful to her; it is difficult nowadays to find faithful guys. So, if you can prove your allegiance to her, then it will completely make her feel happy and proud.
  20. It will bring your girlfriend an inner peace to get along with her family and friends because it implies she would have a life without disagreements between people that are close to her heart. She would be pleased to know that her boyfriend, friends and family are communally uniting.
  21. Share everything with her, and whether it’s valuable as your car or conceptual as your secret information, what’s yours is equally hers as well. If you share things with her without any doubt, she’ll be satisfied.  Be transparent and honest, as she is open and trust worthy to you as well.
  22. Consider her opinion.  Listen and let her tell you whatever choice she has in mind. As you would want her to support yours, respect her opinion.
  23. Make her laugh frequently. Tell her funny stories or any silly stuff you read online that applied to you. As you think, this is not hard; you just have to share funny things to make her laugh. You could just try to make funny faces if your jokes don’t make her laugh.
  24. Girls love compliments, try to make her feel more valued. So if you find a good thing about her, offer her the praise that she merits. Adoring her lovely smile, admiring her new attire, or telling her that you like her fragrance.
  25. Arrange a romantic date with her. It doesn’t matter if it’s in a sit out, at a coffee shop, in a playground, or just within your house. What really makes a difference is the romantic aspect of it.
  26. It feels amazing to schedule a week together to stay free from all of the pressure at office. It’ll also assist you in your relationship to get back the love and enthusiasm. Girls maintain certain relationship ambitions, and it is definitely one of them to fly together. So if you help her meet her personal goals, it will be fulfilling.
  27. Show her that her concerns, concern you too. You’re certainly not interested in the Tv program that she’s involved with. You don’t have to engage in any of her desires fully. You have to demonstrate to her, however, that you remember them. Show her any curiosity as she speaks about them.
  28. And never deceive her, either by your speech or your deeds. Do not be a traitor and a pretender of greatness. Lastly, always keep her happy, because that’s what your caring and joyful heart is telling you, not only because your she wants it, or not only because you were told to do so in this blog.
  29. No matter how long you’ve been dating, keep being sweet with her. you both should keep enjoying each other. In order to make her smile, a simple “I love you” or a small gift for her is perfect. Just show her your sweetness and loving hand.
  30.  You must not be a Spiderman or iron man, but it ‘s really going to make you her preferred hero to save her and solve her basic daily problems, from lifting heavy baggage to finding a lost little item.
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