Senator Shuaibu Lau Reacts to The Call On ‘200M Constituency Projects’

The Senator representing the Taraba North Senate District of Taraba State, Senator Shuaibu Isa Lau, responded to the Senate District Call for Projects allocated to the Senate District under constituency projects under the 2020 Appropriation Act.


Reports from Flashywap states that Senator Shuaibu was challenged by a Facebook user known as Neolyn Nehemiah to request an evaluation of an alleged N250 Million electorate project.

Nehemiah wrote, “Dear Sen. Shuaibu Lau, we have accessed that N250 Million was allocated in Taraba North Senatorial District and SMEDANTRADE & Investment for the supply of medical equipment to six LGAs at N30 million each.”

Youth empowerment and skills development in the six non-implemented Taraba North Senatorial District LGAs.

Reacting to the call, “We are not funded more than 50,000, they (FG) don’t give me money, they refer the money through an agency and give contracts on what we say they should do,” Senator Shuaibu told Flashywap via telephone call.

They brought the equipment to the hospital and I distributed it with the whole local government. Everything about social networks is filled with fake stories, I don’t worry about that.

I send a 250 million spending plan, 50 percent is given by the federal government to the agency.

I don’t know how much they fund them, I’m not an agency, I’m just making a proposal to help finance and implement the plan for the federal government, and they fund through the agency.

So because we demanded that a certain area doesn’t even have anything from the federal government without our existence,

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that’s why we created the zonal intervention strategies because FG doesn’t support it more than 50 percent, 60 percent sometimes 40 percent.

And I brought hospital equipment to the local government for that year.

I don’t know how much it was financed, but they brought the items and I distributed it with all the local government, and everyone saw it. For the items go around, i actually added my own money.

“That’s how I do my tasks, I have no excuse to eat medical equipment, they’re taking it to Jalingo, and I’m asking my coordinator to share it, so my coordinator can show you the movie.”

I put constituency projects in the video clips to do skills development centers in 5 local government centers. We give the contractors,

the contractor tries his best, he did less than four local governments, and they pay him only 50 percent. The federal government did not fund it. If anyone is out to do mischief,

he can go out to do such a thing. I know that I try my best between myself and the Almighty God, I do things with my private cash,

not money from the government. Nobody gave me money or a transformer.’

“Senator commented about the transformer being one of his predecessor’s electorates;” not at all, when I came, my predecessors started a hospital in his village, he put hospital staff for us,

and he supplied machines and keke, which I circulated among the people. I spent more than 20 million on electricity. No one put transformers anywhere.



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