See what People Discovered In Pastor Lucy’s Photo that went to Pray in the Bush when they Zoomed It-[Photos]
Pastor Lucy, the famous South African pastor, is being hauled on social media

after she posted pictures in a bush from her private prayer session.

She stated in the pictures she shared:

“God will openly reward you for every step you’re taking to advance his Kingdom in Jesus Name”

Some people on twitter, however, were disconcerted by the fact that she believes that God

honors those who pray in private, and she photographed her session in the bush,

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something she did in private which God was only going to award in the public.

Netizen popped into the images that revealed some information according to them and read various meanings into them.

user on Twitter stated:

“Okay, fellas, if you have not zoomed this part and got disappointed then you are gayy”.

Pastor Lucy Went To Pray Inside The Bush But See What People Saw In Her  Picture As They Zoom It

Another user on Twitter wrote:

Pastor Lucy went to pray inside the Bush but this is what people saw in her  picture as they zoom it - Opera News

“I thought that was a thigh before zooming in”.



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