President Muhammadu Buhari Warns Nigeria Against Imposing another Lockdown in the Country Due to it’s Unstable Economy

President Muhammadu Buhari said the economy of Nigeria is too unstable to withstand another phase of lockdown causedby COVID-19. 

On Thursday, Buhari, who took to his social media platform to say this, said that all must be done to make sure that the COVID-19 instances that have gone down do not emerge again.

Buhari told reporters, Quoting instances of other nations probably witnessing the second phase of the disease:

“Looking at the trends in the other countries, we must do all we can to avert a second wave of COVID-19 in Nigeria.

We must make sure that our cases, which have gone down, do not rise again. Our economy is too fragile to bear another round of lockdown.”

It should be remembered that, as a result of massive COVID-19 pandemic, all operations in Nigeria were shut down in March.

Nevertheless, with the drastic reduction of COVID-19 instances in Nigeria, experts are of the view that the
#ENDSARS demonstration held across various regions in the country could lead to another massive death of the COVID-19 virus.
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