Most Read: Effects of Inappropriate Dressing.
Most Read: Effects of Inappropriate Dressing.

Effects of Inappropriate Dressing in both men and women. In essence, it is very frustrating and humiliating that the bulk of humanity is engaged in poor and immoral dressing. Unidentified to them, they are moving in the wide and easy way that Jesus cautioned about. Here are the effects of poor and indecent clothing:

  • Unpleasant clothing is a symbol of indiscipline-an evidence of the lack of general regulation that human beings are engaged in, to their own loss and deception:
    Only sit and think about it for a moment. What might happen if God allowed all things to go out of power? Disaster and catastrophes are going to abound. Bad dressing means that the majority have selected crises and calamities that await many in the hell fire.
  • sex appeal is very strong on the grounds of suggestive and skintight skirts:    
    The atmosphere is sexually electrified. People’s hearts and minds are packed with feeling. And feeling is a diversion that pushes people down the road of spiritual development.
  • Poor dressing makes some people weak (quickly abducted and tricked) to evil demonic beings:
    In actual situations, you learn that no one can act as a crazy man without first being clothed as a crazy person, just as an individual can act as a true warrior by dressing really fit and smart as a military.
  • Dress code and fashion trends suggest basic moral decadence and the loss of decency:
    It is a strong indication that the world has abandoned the path of justice and chosen the wide and simple path leading to hell fire.
  • young ladies who wear provocative clothing and daring dresses are typically more rude and hostile in nature.
    Noble men are refusing the marriage of such ladies. The amount of improper dressing demonstrates the extent to which a girl would act abnormally.
  • Many girls might not get married due to poor dressing:
    The common feeling today is that girls are putting their bodies on show, wearing provocative clothing and exposing their bodies. As a consequence, humble men see all manner of ugliness in the bodies of females. The hideous looks include: bent and twisted knees, bloated hips, dwarf size, horrifying scars and stretches, an unnatural combination of repulsive colors, out-of-proportion shapes, trying to disguise corners and so on.
  • Most young people are not getting decent work:
    Instead of the poor clothes they wear for interviews, they dress in everyday clothes or on occasion.
  • Men are drawn, emotionally, to horribly-dressed girls: The desire alone, a form of thinking, renders the guy and the lady sinners guilty of sexual immorality before the lord.
  • Men are readily stimulated by visual stimuli given by sexy dresses.
  • There are growing instances of rape, abuse, cultism and criminality all over the world.
  • Poor and immoral dressing is a warning that he is possessed:
    Evil spirits, angels, sirens, ghosts, witches, and black forces. The crazy man is a simple example every day, since he is demon-possessed and never wears decent clothing.
  • Torn and worn out clothing are the delight of evil spirits:
    In reality, they love tearing and wearing, killing and destroying.
  • Poor outfits are unpleasant dresses, too:
    Demons are infesting polluted worlds. Proof is that the insane guy is still looking for and living in a filthy place, since he is possessed by a ghost. That’s why you always see a crazy person in refuse dumps.
  • An unpleasant element of bad dressing is wearing fragrant clothing: 
    Poor scent is very enticing to evil spirits and demons. Often the presence of evil spirits, devils, sirens, ghosts, witches, and dark forces is sensed by the unpleasant and horrible scent that comes with them.
  • Tight clothing or body-hugging clothing creates evil forces by friction:
    Where friction occurs, forces and deposits are produced. Since the body is fleshly, tight clothing produces more and more lustful powers and sensations. Since the powers and vibrations are negative, they pollute the spiritual atmosphere and cause the general population to fall down spiritually.
  • Healthy dressing is a natural and effective way to evoke divinity.
    Look at others who are very well dressed, for example , a woman dressed in a beautiful robe or clothes, and all you see about her is devotion, holiness, and goodness. But look at a woman who isn’t well dressed, and what you see around her is adultery, adultery, immorality, aggressiveness, and indecency. Poor and immoral dressing is a sure way to live a risky life of unhappiness. Be warned about it.




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