Man Murders Three In Church in France along side one other Person Using Knife

In what President Emmanuel Macron called a “Islamist Terrorist Attack,” a man wearing a knife murdered three people at a church in the city of France in Nice on Thursday, slashing the neck of at least one.

sources close to the investigation said the attacker, who was shot and wounded by police, was described as Brahim Aouissaoui,

a 21-year-old Tunisian refugee who arrived in Italy in late September and later traveled to France.

“He kept repeating ‘Allahu Akbar’ (God is Greatest) even while under medication” Mayor Christian Estrosi of Nice told reporters at the incident, as he was taken to the hospital.

Inside the Basilica of Notre-Dame, in the heart of the Mediterranean tourist town,

the body of a woman whose neck had been cut in a supposed decapitation attempt was discovered.

The man’s body, a 45-year-old church worker, was also discovered inside the church,

while another woman, after taking asylum in a nearby bar, succumbed to her wounds.

Asso’s Father of Philippe, who works in the basilica, stated that at the moment of the incident

“people come in at all hours to pray” and that there was no mass, but the church opens at about 8 a.m. (0700 GMT).

At 3 pm, churches throughout France sounds a bit fatality knells, the conventional bell ringsto mark a death.

The murder, which took place on Sunday, compelled the government to increase the level of security alert

just before the Catholic Holy Day of All Saints Day, to the entire people right across the country.

Immediately after the incident, Lyon city police said they could have apprehended an Afghan who,

while trying to board a commuter train, was caught holding a 30-centimeter (12-inch) knife.

Macron, who instantly traveled to Nice, revealed that France’s Sentinelle military patrols

had raised security of churches, which would be increased to 7,000 out of 3,000 soldiers.

“Quite clearly, it is France that is being attacked,” he said. “If we are attacked, it is because of our values.”

The Chief Anti-terrorist Prosecutor of France, Jean-Francois Ricard, will in Nice call a press conferenceat 9 pm.

>>Edge of France<<

Thirty-two-year old Daniel Conilh, a waiter at the Grand Cafe de Lyon, a block from the

said that it was quickly before 9 a.m. when “the shots were fired and everyone ran off.”

“A woman came in straight from the church and said, ‘Run, run, someone has been stabbing people’,” he informed AFP.

The investigation has been taken over by French counter – terrorism investigators.

Since the mass killing of the polemical weekly magazine Charlie Hebdo in January 2015,

marking the start of a wave of jihadist threats that have murdered over 250 people, France has been on constant alert.

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Since last month, when the prosecution initiated for 14 alleged conspirators in that attack, conflicts have escalated.

By rehashing animated films of the Prophet Mohammed that enraged millions of

Muslims globally, the paper led to the start of the court hearings.

Merely days later , two people with a butcher knife were severely injured by an 18-year-old

man from Pakistan from outside Charlie Hebdo’s former offices in Paris.

And two weeks later, after showing some of the Mohammed animations to students as part of the curriculum on freedom of expression,

history teacher Samuel Paty was decapitated outside his school in a Paris neighborhood

The attacker, an 18-year-old Chechen named Abdullakh Anzorov, supposedly acted after

the teacher had been criticized on social media by some angry parents.

>>Solidarity Message<<

The murder of Paty spurred Macron to pledge a complete ban on islamist terrorism,

along with closure of mosques and organizations suspected of encouraging religious extremism and violent acts.

But with many Muslims, the move has complementary strengths, asserting that Macron

negatively targets France’s estimated five to six million Muslims, Europe’s largest society.

Along with new protests on Thursday in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, and the Palestinian territories, in several islamic nations, demonstrations against France have sparked.

Mahathir Mohamad, Malaysia’s former foreign minister, caused an uproar soon after the incident in Nice by posting on twitter that

“Muslims have a right to be angry and to kill millions of French people for the mass killings of the past.” Twitter retracted his statement later on.

Bringing to the discomfort, a Saudi citizen injured a security officer at the French Consulate in Jeddah on Thursday in a stabbing attack.

On Thursday, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian gave “a message of peace to the Muslim world,” claiming that France was “a country of tolerance.”

He said in senate, “Do not listen to the voices which want to stoke distrust”.

During the Bastille Day firework displays on July 14, 2016, when a man crashed his vehicle into a congested promenade,

murdering 86 people, traumatic memories continue growing in Nice of a jihadist invasion.

“I can only denounce this act of cowardice against innocent people as strongly as possible.”

Zekri called on French Muslims to cancel festivities to mark the Mawlid, or the Prophet’s Birthday, which ends Thursday,

“in solidarity with the victims and their loved ones.” Director-General of the French committee of Muslim Worship (CFCM), Abdallah Zekri, told reporters



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