JUST IN: New Samsung galaxy M51 Smartphone with Industry’s First Designs and High Class Quality

Samsung has always provided its customers with the highest value for money items. The Galaxy sets of smartphones are renowned among the price categories for their outstanding durability and features that their contemporaries can not be compared to.

For example, in their corresponding price segment, the Galaxy M smartphones are value for your dollar items and even offer some hallmark products a run for their money.

In the Galaxy M-series, Samsung has now produced the most durable and feature-packed smartphone that definitely describes mobile computing in its price range, continuing the trend.

The Galaxy M51, starting at just Rs. 24,999, is by all means the ‘Meanest Monster’ and a true workhorse.

The new M-series smartphone, in response to the best-in – class results, also presents a range of category-first designs set to fundamentally change the experience for the user forever.

Let’s look deeper into how Samsung has impacted the game with the Galaxy M51 and how in its respective price category  tops the list of ‘Best Smartphones’.

  • Genuine workmanship, but it covers all principles

In the mobile development phase, the Galaxy M51 provides an example. In spite of fitting a standard smartphone and a colossal 6.7-inch screen into the largest battery cell,

The sleekness and ergonomics of a lightweight smartphone that fits properly in the palm have been preserved by Samsung.

You would not even know that, because its weight distribution overrules physics and the smartphone houses a massive 7,000mAh battery cell.

The outcome is nothing short of amazing and, thanks to extensive experience in phone production, it is something only a company like Samsung can pull off.

The architecture of the Galaxy M51 covers all of your basic smart phone specifications as well.

And in the days when most manufacturers have ducked the sound port, the Galaxy M51 still provides a 3.5 mm port to let you use your good obsolete, reliable headsets for a loss-free audio quality.

The OnePlus Nord for example comes without a micro-SD card, let alone a dedicated one and the 3.5 mm audio jack. In terms of fundamental interface features, you pay more but get much less.

  • Battery that replaces power banks

To solve your battery problems, the Galaxy M51 is built. This ends your reliability on power banks that take too long to recharge and are voluminous to handle.

With a enormous 7,000mAh battery cell, you can literally neglect to carry extra luggage in your bag packs and rely entirely on your Galaxy M51 to last on single full charge for over two days.

Isn’t it magnificent, without breaking a sweat, the high-capacity battery cell can withstand heavy everyday usage and can also charge other devices such as wearables, headphones, and even your ancillary mobile phone.

If you look at the trends, those mobile phones still hang in the range from 4,000 to 5,000mAh, which implies that they can not satisfy your everyday needs.

The Galaxy M51’s segment-first 7,000mAh battery cell will offer up to 150 hours of audio playtime and up to 32 hours of multimedia display time in one full charge period.

with the Galaxy M51, without thinking about a dying battery, you can watch films, read magazines, browse internet sites, and play music throughout the day.

And even if you happen to empty the battery anyway, the super fast-charger 25W in the box is still there to recharge it rapidly in no time. The Galaxy M51 is, generally, a phone and power bank that fits perfectly into your pocket.

  •  Galaxy M51 is extremely the Best for Multimedia 
The general user experience on a smartphone is influenced directly by a low quality display screen. For example, a smaller and lower quality panel makes video content hard to view
It hinders the experience of reading and also affects the camera experience, since we often search images on our mobile and hardly see them on laptops or other large screens.
Being that, with its huge 6.7-inch (16.95 cm) Full HD+ Super AMOLED+ Infinity-O display, the Galaxy M51 offers an intense visual experience that can not be compared by any other smartphone at the right cost range.
The backlight-less, full HD+ display Super AMOLED screen is a visual treat for the eyes. For the most unreal visual response on a smartphone, it creates vivid colors, unparalleled black depths, and sufficient brightness. If you enjoy watching movies, reading journals, and playing games, at this price range, there is no better phone out there.
  • Best Advanced Camera System Quad-Lens
We can comfortably claim that none matches the flexibility of the 64MP Intelli-Cam quad-camera setup of the Galaxy M51 after having checked various smartphones in this category in the last year.
Samsung introduced the latest hardware and powered it with the smartest camera apps to satisfy all of your photography needs. First-of-its-kind designs including Single Take and My Filters are supported by the 64MP quad-camera. machine learning (quantum computing) uses the Single Take mode to capture approximately 10 separate images and videos in just one shot.
To produce crisp shots and videos like 7 fixed high-resolution images, Best Moments, flexible Crop photos, Hyperlapase, slingshot, and high-resolution multimedia, you push the shutter once and all the lenses work simultaneously. In the gallery, the photos and videos are mauled under a single shot for easy access.
The unique function saves time and maintains that all essential moments are obtained with little energy. My Filters functionality lets you build and save up to 99 personalized filters that can be used in real-time to give your images an artistic look.
In addition, the Galaxy M51 captures 4k shake-free high-resolution video clips, 64MP exquisitely detailed high-resolution pictures, 12MP ultra-wide – angle photos with best-in – class field-of – view and clear 5MP macro shots. For snapshots, the Galaxy M51 features a front-facing 32MP camera that guarantees vivid selfies whenever you click the shutter.
Thanks to the greater-resolution 64MP main camera that permits sufficient light intake to 
generate well-lit shots without noticeable noise, the Galaxy M51 also excels in night-time shooting.
In addition, the camera feature enables you to capture videos from 
Night time-lapse, which no other smartphone can manage to efficiently pull off. 
Among all, in the sub-30 K price range, the multifunctional camera hardware of the Galaxy M51 provides best-in-class performance.
  • Snapdragon 730 G SoC + 6GB/8 GB RAM Stable Output
The driving force causing the outstanding results on the Galaxy M51 is the Snapdragon 
730 SoC. The Qualcomm-made motherboard, built on the 8nm design, has eight 
powerful cores to provide lag-free processing and computing output. 
Ample RAM (6GB/8 GB) supports the 8-core SoC to ensure smooth operation and problem-solving output even when operating the most power-intensive functions like  photo / video graphics, 3D multi-player games, document typesetting, multiple apps running simultaneously etc.
Although, on other comparably priced smartphones, you may easily get the same hardware, you will not get the same output graph level as the competition lacks Samsung’s advanced hardware-software design at this price range.
Thanks to the Adreno 618 visualization unit assisted by onboard AI to effectively render 3D graphics on the vivid Super AMOLED screen, the Galaxy M51 also comes across as a powerful gaming device.
Users are expected to encounter graphics at controller level when playing the most common mobile games like Call Of Duty Mobile, Injustice 2, Asphalt 9, etc. In particular, when you need it in your daily routine, the Galaxy M51 is a true all-rounder that’s always available.
  • Availability and Cost Of Samsung Galaxy M51 
The Galaxy M51 succeeded in surpassing our standards. Furthermore, the all-round performance is accompanied by the finest-in-market after-sales service that guarantees a long-lasting smartphone service that other brands in the Indian market do not deliver.
Samsung’s national service center network is always there to answer your questions and provide the efficient help you want from a brand of smartphones.
The Galaxy M51 can be purchased in two versions: 6 GB RAM + 128 GB ROM at Rs. 24,999, and 8 GB RAM + 128 GB ROM at Rs. 26,999 on the official Samsung India website and If you use credit and debit cards from HDFC,
You are also qualified for up to Rs 2,000 immediate discounts on both EMI and Non-EMI transactions on the Galaxy M51 purchase. On, the promo offer is valid from 18th to 20th September 2020.
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