Important things you should  prevent in a new relationship

New relationships can be filled of suspense, mystery, and desires. You may get flies in your stomach every time you’re with that unique new man, and you can’t help but find yourself having fantasies about your future together like a couple. However, if you really want your new relationship to long last, it’s never been so important for you to prevent the relationship mistakes that are strong enough to ruin every new relationships.

  1. You not being yourself; At the beginning of a new relationship, many women may feel obligated to behave or act in a manner that is not entirely in line with who they really are. And as this is going on, many men would also want to respond in the same manner. But who among them was sitting to reason where that would lead them to. If you’re with a new partner of your choice, it’s not all right to lose your identity to please your new him/her. In addition, if you want to build a genuine, meaningful and lasting relationship with this person, you need to remain true to who you really are, so that the person you’re with will complement you and your lifestyle, rather than undermine it. But, if you decide to play a role, compromising your principles, or doing things to calm down your new partner rather than being truthful to yourself.
  2. Moving on too quickly; Most women are going too fast in a relationship, that is; expecting too much from the guy she just met, deceiving the guy needlessly, in fact, you and your partner might be so deeply in each other that you end up missing some of the relationship steps that are actually required to make you really get to know each other. Specifically, you might start to make major decisions concerning your future together, get sexually intimate right away, or spend a lot of time with your new partner’s family and friends before you actually get to spend some quality time with him. So if you don’t take the time you need to develop a good relationship with your partner and if you don’t really get to understand him till you move into any kind of serious relationship, you’re likely to have a life without each other in the future. In brief, if things occur too quickly for both you and your partner, your relationship is likely to end sooner than you thought.
  3. Comparing your current partner to your former partner;  Another big “don’t” in a relationship is to compare your new partner to your former. And if things end amicably with your former or not, constantly comparing your current partner to your former would make it more difficult for you to build a meaningful and satisfying friendship with this new guy in the future. After all, when you’re always comparing your partner to your former, some of you are already trapped in the past and will eventually keep you from engaging completely in a new relationship.
  4. To be dishonest; “Honesty the say is the best policy”. “Honesty is the very first section of the Book of WISDOM” No legacy is as wealthy and successful as honesty. If you’d like to maintain a lasting potential relationship, it is important that you stay true to your partner from the beginning. Honesty in any relationship can make you earn the most respect, and trust can be built up easily. If you begin a relationship based on lies, your relationship is likely to collapse because your relationship has been built on falsehoods. If you want your relationship to have any chance of success, you need to be ready to share your honest feelings with your partner and be willing to open up with him.
  5. Deliberately ignoring the red flags; At the early stage of any new relationship, the partners appear to ignore the negative signs they see that would have enabled them to know if they were with the right person or not. Although you may think that your new partner is virtually flawless, it ‘s crucial that you don’t let your eyes stop you from seeing any potential red flags. Example, if your partner disrespects you, attempts to manipulate you, behaves imprudently, or is emotionally or physically abusive in some way, it ’s necessary that you don’t turn a blind eye to this kind of negative conduct. In fact, these acts are crucial indicators of the type of person he really is, and in many instances, these negative habits will also intensify and worsen over time.
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