In a Seoul restaurant, Aglio Kim, a trolley-like robot that uses artificial intelligence (A.I.), delivers food

to customers to reduce human interaction and help to ensure social distance.

The 1.25-meter-tall robot, built by the South Korean telecoms company KT Corp, delivers

food and uses its visual SLAM (simultaneous navigation and mapping) technologies to

prevent obstruction and move around customers shortly after customers order through a touch-screen on the table.

Lee Young-jin, KT ‘s AI Platform Business Team boss, informed reuters that the robot would deliver food up to four tables simultaneously.

Of the A.I. In Korean and English, the robot is built with food trays that can hold up to 30 kilograms and an LCD screen and speaker that communicates.

Lee Young-ho, the manager at the Mad for Garlic cuisine who this month tested the robot,
stated that the “Customers found the machine serving quite unique and interesting, and also felt safe from the coronavirus,”
Restaurants and cafes in the heavily populated metropolitan area of Seoul are permitted to
open from Monday after 9 p.m., but must leave two meters within tables and document the names and contact details of customers.


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