Flashywap Reveals the Best Top 10 Android Email Apps Apart from Yahoo and Gmail

One of the ancient and most significant type of internet information exchange is email. it’s a platform that many of us use each and every day accompanying them are lots of email services and email apps.

On something like Gmail , Outlook, or Yahoo, some might only have a single account. Their individual applications are going to give you the best understanding.

Most individuals, nevertheless, have email apps from different providers and want something that would accumulate everything into one place.

So, if you’re searching for a new thing, then you need to check it out, Flashywap introduces to you a list of the 10 best email services that, as collated by the Android Authority, can function as reliable options to Yahoomail and Gmail.

1. The Blue Mail

One of the most leading email apps out there is Blue Mail. A number of customers, including Gmail , Yahoo, Outlook, Office 365, and practically any other POP3, IMAP, or Exchange partners, are supported.

For each of your email accounts, the app has a wide range of alert configurations and also comes with some interesting things, such as Android Wear assistance, configurable menu options, and even a night mode.

It has some advanced features as well. It’s strong and it’s totally free. As Blue Mail utilizes its own servers, there is a privacy related problem, but most certainly it won’t matter.


2. Cleanfox  

Although it’s not an email service, Cleanfox is a great app for email clients. This essentially helps you to switch away from the likely large number of things you have ended up subscribing to somehow.

You link your email accounts to the app and it operates through each of your subscriptions and discovers them.

When you want it to, it then unsubscribes you from them. It can also remove old emails from those subscriptions and assist you in other ways of managing tasks.

This is a free app and, genuinely, it’s not hard to use at all. ,Some of the concerns are about bugs, but for most, Cleanfox does what it can and it works.


3. K-9 Mail

One of several longest running email apps out there is K-9 Mail. For its limited operating system, no BS encounter, and integrated inbox, many appreciate it.

It promotes many other accounts from IMAP, POP3, and Exchange 2003/2007. What you see, alternatively, is exceptionally much what you will get.

The UI isn’t excessively intriguing, but by not having any quirky features that only half work, it makes up for it.

It’s extremely reliable, even though it’s old fashioned. Also, the app is open source. You can develop it on your own or, via Github, support the community. It is certainly not stylish. It is workable and portable, interestingly. It’s totally free as well.



If you’re serious about safety and also use Outlook, Nine is one of the best email apps available today. It does not feature any server or cloud characteristics. You are just connected to the email services by the app.

In addition, it has assistance for swap ActiveSync, which should be required for any Exchange-supported app.

As far as email customers go and there are a several bugs here and there, it’s rather costly. Certainly, conversely, more focused on business developers. you have a range of options, including choosing which files to sync, assist for Wear OS, and more.



This was CloudMagic, a challenging past for Newton Mail, new-branded to Newton Mail, ended, and important (the phone maker) brought it back.

It is one of the list’s best email apps. The app, including a range of little freebies, has a smooth, one of the best and nicest UIs.

For better integration, you can also attach to a server of other apps, this involves snoozing emails, two-factor authentication, the capacity to send emails later, follow receipts, and unsubscribe apps with one tap. Don’t get us wrong, for basic email usage, this is way too costly.

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Mobile applications such as this, conversely, have a specialty and Newton is one of the best in that specialty. On April 30th, 2020, Newton Mail was set to shut down, but it appears like they have found a way to carry on.



The new kid on the column is Spark Email. It was debuted to excellent feedback in early 2019. It has a lot of fundamentals, including snoozing emails, later sending emails, notifications, fastened emails, and you can reverse mail sent.

Furthermore, the UI is clean and, in a standardized mailbox, you can display each email address differently jointly. We’re huge fans around here of universal inboxes.

The Smart Inbox that scans out junk emails in favor of only the important things is the big claim to fame of the app. It’s a neat feature, but Spark is an excellent email service with assistance for most email addresses, even without it.



TypeApp Email is doing all the things you could just wants. This includes support for most email services, a cohesive inbox, push notifications, rich text emails, assistance for wireless printing, and also some other helpful characteristics.

You also get support for Wear OS, a dark mode, themes, and other personalization characteristics.

This definitely won’t blow your imagination. It’s a good, easy email app, though, which does what it says it does. In our evaluation, we also liked the Material Design UI and the reasonably simple method of swapping accounts.

In aspects of its UI, it informs us a great deal of Blue Mail. It’s good in any case, it’s just not intriguing.



The thing is that most email apps for third parties work just fine. There is, conversely, an additional benefit to just using your email service’s individual app. Microsoft Outlook doesn’t, unlike Gmail, which is pre-installed. They easily connect to the service and can do stuff that third-party customers simply can not do.

Outlook, for example, has an oriented Inbox function that sorts emails based on importance. It also works seamlessly with a schedule service from Microsoft.

You might want to consider using the official app if you have only one email and it’s not a Gmail account, so you can get the most out of it, yahoo Mail provides aspects such as transportation outlook, more options for granulated notification, and themes.



Definitely, the stock email apps that come on phones do operate quite well. Normally, the fundamentals are supported, such as various email logins, different email customers, transmitting, indexing, deleting, and more.

Many are probably looking for something more than that with this list. Nevertheless, as simple, clean, and easy as it gets, the stock email apps on your device are usually about as simple.

Moreover, practically none of them have advertisements, cost any money, or anything like that. And also, they’re already on your phone even then, so no additional storage can be taken up.

When you need anything fairly straightforward, it’s a great choice. These shouldn’t be used by those who need power user characteristics.


10. (iOS, macOS) AIRMAIL

Its customized updates make sure that when you receive emails from your most vital contacts, you only get notifications. Scroll expressions are user friendly as well.

Airmail began as a simple email app, but it grew with features over time, and today it’s one of the most powerful apps available for email clients.

With constructed-in layouts for your most-used reactions, Airmail can help you write quicker. And, it works with fanciful, google drive, OmniFocus, Dropbox, as well as others, which include your preferred productivity software.

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