Factions Reacts on ‘Bad Governance’ In Abia as Group Lambasts APC Stalwart

A faction, the Abia North Stakeholders Assembly (ANSA), has portrayed a recent statement credited to Chief Ndukwe Ikoh about bad governance in the God’s Own State as “untrue and sycophantic”.

Reports from Flashywap states that in Abia state, Chief Ikoh is an industrialist and a stalwart of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

ANSA objected Chief Ikoh in a statement released by Goodluck Ibem, its President-General,

and Chief Sunday Chukwu, its Publicity Secretary, and sent to the media team on Monday.

It should be remembered that Ikoh had bemoaned that, with corrupt people, Abia State,
South-East Nigeria, was devastating.

The socialist who said this has taken a destructive move since 2009, communicating

recently with news reporters, demanded that it has influenced the growth of the state.

“Abia and Aba has remained largely a state and of course a city passing as a bad example

for a placing lacking in good governance because of malfeasance of the people in power,” Ikoh had said.

“We have been very unlucky to have people in government who went in as poor people but became billionaires while in power, themselves, family and friends.

“Naturally, corrupt and greedy minds don’t have space to think anything good.

“That has been the bane of Abia especially since around 2009” Ikoh had posited.

But reacting to that frenzy is ANSA, who believes “Ikoh is deceiving himself”.

“The statement by one Chief Ndukwe Ikoh who claims to be a chieftain of the All Progressive Congress, APC,

alleging that bad leadership have been the bane of Abia especially since around 2009 is untrue and sycophantic,” ANSA’s statement started.

“Abia State experience a transformational change and progressive performance from 2009

when the then governor role out polices that had direct bearing on the people.

“There was Agricultural revolution, massive construction of roads in the urban and rural areas.

“Abia youths were given scholarships to study here in Nigeria and overseas which is till functional till date,

the health sector was not left behind as the governor built health centers in all the

communities in the state and an international diagnostic center to handle special medical cases.

“Restive youths who would have resorted to crime were empowered; young women/men were trained on various vocational skills.

These persons after training were given start-up capitals and equipment related to their area of specialisation to start businesses and vocational Callings.

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“The entrepreneurs in the state today were empowered from 2009.

“Ikoh’s outburst against the leadership of Abia state shows that he was not in Abia when all these transformational polices were rolled out for the betterment of the people.

“Even if he was not aware of the good performance of the government at that time before making frivolous and

unguarded statement, he should have asked questions from those who lived in the state at that time he mentioned.

“Making unguarded statements is a sign of irresponsibility on his path.

“The likes of Ikoh who accused Abia leaders of malfeasance, are persons who don’t

understand what it takes to run a state; who have no knowledge of the demand thereof.

“The governor did his best to ensure Abians enjoyed democracy dividends and relative peace which is priceless throughout his tenure as governor.

“The governor who held sway at the time he mentioned is known for financial prudence and several awards given to him by

international and domestic reputable organisations is an eloquent testimony to his giant stride achievements.

“Most of us who are Abia indigenes living in Abia State witnessed with our very eyes the economic and transformational exploits of the governor in all sectors.

“His good intentions for the people of Abia State will never doubt.

“Ikoh is deceiving himself if he believes that disseminating outright falsehood against the

leadership of Abia state will help him curry political favours and benefits.

“A man who is not present when a corpse is buried exhumes the corpse from the legs as the saying goes.

“Ikoh has just exposed his ignorance to Abians.

“Abia North Stakeholders Assembly, ANSA, is not a politically affiliated group with any vested interest in governance

other than his desire to see to the actualization of democracy and good governance;

this said, to set the record straight so that those not privy to the facts are apprised of same.

“The governor from 2009 proved his mettle and anyone accusing him of any wrongdoing is ignorance of what he’s saying.

“We therefore call on Ndukwe Ikoh to immediately tender an unreserved apology within 7

days of this publication to Abians and Abia leadership for insulting their sensibility.”



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