#ENDSARS: Tinubu, Lagosians Speculates that APC Will Loose, Regarding the 2023 Election in Lagos

Regarding the latest #ENDSARS demonstrations that spurred to the assault on key assets considered to be owned by Bola Tinubu, National Leader of the All Progressive Congress (APC)

The media team visited various newspapers and magazines in Ojodu, Ogba axis of Lagos on Saturday to find out the current

political insecurities of Lagos citizens and to survey the group Lagosians believe will achieve victory at the 2023 state governorship election.

Remember that Tinubu was rumored to be the one in direct authority of the political interests of the state of Lagos in general,

as he is considered responsible for ascertaining who at every election to governorship emerges as governor of the state.

Moreover, after the #ENDSARS demonstrations, where Nigerian youth in groups go out in mass to request effective governance

and request for the abolition of the Nigerian Police Force Special Anti-Robbery Squad Unit, one will be quick to predict that he had lost his grip on the state.

Two of his main assets, The Nation Newspaper and Television Continental, were invaded in the purpose of the demonstrations

by miscreants considered to be upset by the Lekki genocide that resulted in the murdering of Nigerian youths by military men on 20 October 2020.

Tinubu is assumed to have been highly involved in choosing who will emerge as State Governor from 2007 to the present

while he emerged as State Governor in 1999 and completed his second term in 2008.

The media team spoke to Lagosians who disclosed their views on the possibilities of the governing APC at the 2023
state governorship election while on Saturday morning at the newspaper stand in Ogba.

A businessman who spoke to the media team, one of the Lagosians known as Badejo Onilu, stated:

“Looking at the situation of things I feel the youths have woken up and they are beginning to get interested in politics.

Before all they wanted was to work, get money and live fine; they were never interested in politics.

But now you can see them, they made demands for good governance at the #ENDSARS protest.

“They are tired of this current set of leaders I don’t think APC or even PDP will stand a chance come 2023.”

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some other Lagosian recognized as Micheal Uchendu, communicating with the Ogba newsagent with Flashywap,

stated he was very sure that the new new thing seemed to have been born in the political realm of Nigeria.

Uchendu indicated that the #ENDSARS protest has shown that Tinubu and APC weren’t all-powerful,

referencing to the instance of the state of Edo where Governor Godwin Obaseki fought against godfatherism,

and APC are not all-powerful and that if the young people maintain the existing cadence with which they are heading, they will end up losing Lagos.

“The Nigerian political space is experiencing a new dawn, Edo Governor Obaseki fought against Godfatherism and won, that was the beginning,

I know Lagosians will not give another chance to bad leadership that we are currently experiencing under APC, it will not be business as usual, he maintained.

At the governorship election in Lagos in 2023, he stated that leading party would emerge triumphant,

Ayoolu Oyerinde also spoke of the opportunities for APC and Tinubu in the 2023 elections, saying that young people have found that the future they are talking about is now.

Oguntoyinbo Akin, who described himself as a public servant, shared a conflicting view,

believing that APC will not and will not lose Lagos anytime in the near future.

The youth will soon get exhausted, according to him, and go stick to following Big Brother.

“Loosing Lagos? APC cannot lose Lagos not anytime soon. Tinubu is still the Jagaban of Lagos and Sanwo-Olu is doing well so I think he will be re-elected come 2023,” He confirmed.

It will be remembered that after that invasion on TVC and the Nation Newspaper, Tinubu,

who was suspected to have travel out of the country, stated that he did not travel anyplace and proudly proclaimed that he was the Jagaban of Lagos.

Flashywap will be in the position to announce to you as circumstances prior to the 2023 election transpire, with 2023 approaching and stakeholders waiting and forecasting.



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