Anger Trails In Nigeria As UN Reveals The Killing Of 110 Farmers In Borno

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The killing of rice farmers in Kwashebe by Boko Haram terrorists in the Jere Local Government Area of Borno State on Saturday intrigued heavy condemnation on Sunday from prominent Nigerians and groups.

On Saturday, AFP revealed that terrorists had invaded Kwashebe and killed no less than 43 rice farmers.

It was confirmed that the terrorists tied up the farmers who worked in the rice fields before cutting their throats.

Although state Civilian Joint Task Force participant Babakura Kolo, who helped some of the victims, put the number of people who died at 43, 110 rice farmers gave up their lives during the attack on Sunday, the United Nations told reporters.

Groups and people, such as the All Farmers’ Association of Nigeria; Dr Ahmed Lawan, President of the Senate; Femi Gbajabiamila,

Speaker of the House of Representatives; and the Alliance of Northern Groups, complained that the assault would have an impact on the country’s food production.

On Sunday, contrary to earlier findings, the UN throw more light on the invasion, saying 110 civilians were killed by Boko Haram.

Mr Edward Kallon, the UN Humanitarian Team leader in Nigeria, who revealed this, further stated that several other people were wounded in the terrorist group’s deadly assault.

In a tweet on Sunday, Amnesty International also revealed that 16 of the survivors were internally displaced individuals.

“But Kallon, in a declaration on Sunday, entitled, “An Assault on Civilians in Koshobe, Borno,” said I am upset and appalled by the horrific massacre of civilians carried out by non-state rebel factions in villages near Maiduguri, the capital of Borno State. At least 110 civilians were fiercely murdered in this attack, and several others were injured.

He reported that the afternoon assault had been conducted on motorcycles by armed men who had killed men and women harvesting their areas in Kwashebe and other rural areas in the Jere Local Government Area.

While sympathizing with the government and the people of Nigeria, Kallon also said that many women may have been abducted during the attack.

The whole United Nations system and the humanitarian community operating to provide life-saving and growth support to the most helpless in the state of Borno are infuriated by the incident.

Such physical attacks against innocent civilians endanger the ability of the most poor persons to endure and alleviate the hardships they face.

The United Nations characterized the incident as this year’s most brutal serious assault on innocent civilians,” and termed for the offenders to be prosecuted.

It is, alas, one of too many such targeted attacks farmers, fishermen and families who after more than a decade of conflict, are trying to recover some livelihood opportunities.

I strongly condemn this assault and any threat of terror against innocent civilians and I seriously advise all actors on the ground to acknowledge international rules and humanity,’ the UN official emphasised .

The global organization noted that rural communities in the state of Borno were facing untold hardships, adding that helping them to farm land and restore livelihoods was among the priorities of the United Nations and the only way to avoid the state’s looming food crisis.

It stated that there was a need for citizens to be safeguarded and avoided from every type of violence.

The global organization noted that rural areas in the state of Borno have been encountering endless sufferings, contributing that assisting them to farm land and restore living standards was one of the objectives of the United Nations and the only desire to prevent the state’s rising food shortage.

It stated that there was a need for citizens to be safeguarded and avoided from every type of violence.

The statement read, “Innocent women, children and men desperately need food and other assistance and assistance, especially at a time when some of the highest levels of food insecurity are recorded in the state of Borno.” women We must do everything we can to keep them alive these tough moments.

There are still 10 women missing. 

In the meantime, Human Rights watch stated that 10 women are still not foundworking
at the rice farms in which 110 people were murdered by Boko Haram.

In a tweet on Sunday, the organisation asserted that 16 of the survivors were IDPs.

“It stated, “Boko Haram and other rebel forces must abandon their brutal and unlawful violent acts campaign against civilians. For their aspect, the Nigerian authorities have to do more to protect civilians and prosecute the offenders of all such assaults.

“The investigation of Amnesty International reveal that of the 43 farmers killed yesterday by Boko Haram, 16 were refugees residing at the IDP Camp Farm Centre, while 10 women working at the Kwashebe rice farm are still missing after the attack.

In a discussion with one of our journalists, a resident, Hassan Mohammed, stated that insurgents did meet the farm workers in their rice fields and assembled them in Kwashebe, a village four kilometers from Zabarmari. He said some of the rebels gunned down and brutally killed others.

Flashywap was was informed by another resident, Labbo Tahiru, that nearly all the people in Zabarmari, Kaddamari and neighboring communities were rice farmers.

He said In this village, we are rice farmers.” Even though we have had some confrontations with these terrorists, we haven’t had this tragic experience before.

Pertaining to him there were intelligence reports before the invasion that indicated that the insurgents were plotting the assault, but that the soldiers were only embarking on their regular patrols in the area.

One of the Residents states that after soldiers left, terrorists came to kill innocent Individuals. 

“Troops went around the area in their vehicles to patrol. It was after they had left that the innocent farmers were killed by terrorists.

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A mass burial at Zabarmari, 20 kilometers from Maiduguri, was given to the massacred farmers on Sunday.

The Borno State Governor, Prof. Babagana Zulum, joined the burial.

Zulum stated in his address after the funeral that the security situation in the neighbourhoods needs improvement.

We will recruit more of our young people into the voluntary services and mobilize them to carry on the battle against insurgents, particularly around the Zabarmari axis, so that the entire population of this town can be safeguarded.

Zulum, who said there must have been more than 43 people killed, said, “This is very sad.” We are still calling on the Federal Government to ensure that more of our young people are recruited into the CJTF (Civilian Joint Task Force) and hunters into the Nigerian military to be part of the agri – business that secure farmers.

In several parts of Borno, Boko Haram is still dominant.

He also acknowledged that the Boko Haram tribe is still strongly present in several parts of our state.”

He indicated that the Sambisa forest and the Lake Chad areas in northern Borno were still dominated by the horrifying tribe.

In the meantime, in a declaration by his media aide, Ola Awoniyi, there was uproar over the Senate President’s assaults on Sunday, characterizing it as another horrible act against innocent Nigerians.

The declaration was entitled,’ The President of the Senate condemns the murder of farmers in Borno.’

“He stated “This criminal act is particularly upsetting given the Federal Government’s continuous spirited efforts to ensure food security in Nigeria through the many programs put in place to help the agricultural industry.

Due to the heart-rending activities, we must all actively support the security forces in their evil ambition to enact a campaign of terror on the north-east of Nigeria to prevent the terrorists.”

For his part, Gbajabiamila displayed his sadness at the farmers’ killings and said that the conflict had once again brought to the fore the need for further military strikes against the insurgents.

At a time when the country was concentrating on personality in rice production, the Speaker said it was disappointing that farmers were murdered “in the most brutal manner.”

Rise, Defend yourselves, CNG Advised The Northerners 

The CNG urged northerners to “rise up and protect themselves” from all forms of looting and rebellion affecting the region.

The organization claimed that Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd), the president’s regime, had lost sight over the perspectives of safeguarding northerners.”

In a declaration by its spokesman, Abdul-Azeez Suleiman, entitled, “Borno Massacres: Time for Community Activists’, the CNG stated that “ time has arrived for residents to rise up and protect themselves.”

The condition under which all northern communities currently live is no longer tenable and we must all rise to protect ourselves and call for an instant and comprehensive revamp of the nation’s military governance and all security and rule of law resources.

“Despite the president and military agents continue to tell us that they are doing something about the growing insecurity; but by now,

all northerners must have understood that our region has been deserted at the mercy of a massive insurgency that is constantly wasting and politically destabilizing and pauperizing the greatest asset of the north and its population

In a statement on Sunday, Abiso Kabi, Managing Director of the Wal-Wanne Group, stated that the pathetic mishap would not only create friction in the area, but would also lead to poverty and make people dependent on support.

Kabi said that the most influenced company was Koila Agro Affiliated Nigeria Limited, as it lost many of its farmers to the assaults.

In order to enhance security in the state, he called on the Federal Government to recruit more individuals into the civilian joint task force.

In an interview with media team, the President of Nigeria’s All Farmers Association, Kabir Ibrahim, said the murdering of farmers was disastrous.

He indicated, “Our farmers are actually afraid to go to their farms after these constant killings.” Even worse, following the COVID-19 pandemic and swamping, the country’s food system will be further negatively affected.

“In fact, this killing raises serious hunger hurdles in this country as well as in larger societies.”

Malachy Ugwummadu, a former president of the Committee for the Protection of Human Rights, said that the murdering was a bad reflection on the deteriorating security situation in Nigeria.

Kwara State Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq, with Zulum, sympathized.

In a declaration by his Chief Press Secretary, Rauf Ajakaye, the governor stated , “Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq sends his deepest sympathies to the government and people of the State of Borno for the terrible incident, and prays to Almighty Allah to restore the souls of the survivors who have been murdered while legitimately fending for themselves and their relatives.”

More Needs to be done by the government to protect citizens-NHRC

In response to the attack, Tony Ojukwu, Executive Secretary of the National Commission on Human Rights, said the federal government should embrace a plan to protect civilians in Nigeria.

In a conversation with the media team, the President of the Arewa Christians and Indigenous Pastors Association, Luka Shehu, said the killing had revealed the inherent weaknesses of Nigeria’s current regime.

”He further stated that the constant activities and terrorist attacks in Borno State in particular, also reveals the inherent weaknesses and failures of the Buhari’s regime with regard to security in the North-East, North-West and Central Region of Nigeria as a whole,”.

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