A Man who Sexually Abused a Girl for 10 Years was Captured By French Authorities

After a complaint was filed by Germany, French police arrested an Italian national on over

160 charges of raping or sexually abusing his daughter and other underage girls.

Last week, in Strasbourg, the rapist, a 52-year-old man, over a time frame of 14 years,

was captured for atrocities he allegedly committed.

Over 122 investigations by the German security agencies into his case are currently in
progress, France’s BNRF criminal monitoring squad said.

“He operated in his various family circles,” it indicated.

It was stated that, beginning in the year 2000, he sexually abused his daughter

for 10 years while doing the same to the minor daughters of another father.

In October, France was informed by the German authorities that he had escaped from
Germany to Alsace in France.

Preparing to be given over to the German authorities, he was arrested at his partner’s

house south of Strasbourg and is being retained in a jail near Colmar, BNRF indicated.

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