90 Things Most Girls Want From Their Boyfriend
90 Things Most Girls Want From Their Boyfriend

When it comes to girl’s perception about relationship, they all have huge and impossible desires. They are all waiting silently for their Boyfriend to send 450 sweet, handwritten, love notes confessing all the affections and love he has for them. But let’s be realistic, it’s more than likely that this may never happen.

There are quite a number of things most girls wants their guys to do for them, but because of fear or shyness, most of them won’t ask. A true man must try to avoid issues with relationships and try his best to satisfy his wife or girlfriend’s secret desires.

Men and women are at an emotional strife when it comes to what they both need in a relationship.

Below are listed things most girls want from their Boyfriend

  1. Give her genuine positive comments about her style of dress, shoes and hair.
  2. When you stroll together, carefully hold her hand.
  3. Laugh at her jokes.
  4. Take her to some beautiful locations on a road trip.
  5. Carry her to bed.
  6. In your wallets or your smartphone, put her picture.
  7. In several diverse situations, tell her “I love you”.
  8. Play lovely little games, like hide-and-seek, with her.
  9. Before going to bed, give her a sweet text message.
  10. When she wakes up, give her a sweet morning email.
  11. Display some respect for her good works.
  12. Show loyalty to her parents and siblings.
  13. On her posts on social networks, say something loving.
  14. Give her surprise visits.
  15. Play your favorite video games with her.
  16. Put an image of a star after her.
  17. Take much time on long trips with her.
  18. During your break at work, call her.
  19. Compose her a love poem.
  20. Respect her close friends.


Things She Likes, But She Will Never Request For Them

  1. Dedicate your weekends together.
  2. Consider taking her to a playground.
  3. Stay with her when she gets sick or doesn’t feel better.
  4. Cook your favorite meal for her.
  5. Organise a candle lights meal for her .
  6. Also get special present for her.
  7. Give her romantic messages every morning.
  8. Watch your favorite videos together.
  9. Dance to her album of choice.
  10. Introduce her as someone truly unique to your family and friends.
  11. Feel more comfortable with her when you are with your friends and her friends.
  12. Take a look at her favorite movie.
  13. In cold weather, give her your coat.
  14. Discuss your dreams with her.

Things Most Young ladies Wants to Hear From a Man

Things every young girl wants to hear from her spouse, partner or lover are listed below.

  1. My life is empty without you.
  2. Wow, you’re so gorgeous baby.
  3. Your success in life matters to me.
  4. The only one for me is you.
  5. Oh I love you.
  6. Between us, there are no secret documents.
  7. In my world, I don’t have another girl except you.
  8. I love those funny siblings of yours.
  9. You’re not only my fiancée, but my sister as well.
  10. I look forward to spending each and every day I have with you.

Romantic Things You Can Do For Your Fiancee/Girlfriend.

  1. When you travel or go to some other place, bring back small gifts for her.
  2. Give her some sweet nicknames.
  3. Touch her on the neck softly.
  4. Write her a song and perform it right in front of her.
  5. Spending lots of time with her doing her favorite bits also matters.
  6. Try to take her out for a picnic.
  7. Have a phone-free date with her.
  8. Be caring and tender with her.
  9. Let her have a delicious dinner at home.
  10. Rolling your fingers through her hair softly looks really romantic.

Special things You Can do to Make her Smile

  1. Send her lovely e-mails.
  2. Carry your breakfast to your room
  3. Give her a love letter written with pen.
  4. Drive her to her work place.
  5. Make a joint Social media account and post your nice memories with the outside world.
  6. Often book an empty roller coaster ride for her.
  7. Listen with complete attention to her plans for the future.
  8. Celebrate her birthday in a way that is unexpected.
  9. Try to secretly drop her choice of candy or chocolate in her purse.
  10. Plan a treat surprise for her: It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture of romance, just make sure it’s something she’d love to attain
  11. For her and for yourself, purchase a pair of matching t-shirts, necklaces, or wrist bands.
  12. Interpret the lines of her favorite novel, occasionally.
  13. Bear in mind your memorable dates: your first date, her birthday, etc.
  14. When she becomes tired, rub her back gently.
  15. Take photos in public together.
  16. Listen without amusement to her jokes.
  17. Share a plate of Ice Cream .
  18. Call her at midnight and say something romantic or funny.
  19. Replace her with your Facebook Display Image.

What She Expects You to do As Her Man

  1. Give her box of chocolates of her choice .
  2. Let her fall asleep on your laps.
  3. Pay attention to her while she tell you how her day went.
  4. Carry her belongings for her.
  5.  Make her a cup of tea in the morning.
  6. Take her shopping: (Ladies are never tired of this one).
  7. Consider sharing your vision with her.
  8. Be a nobleman to her relatives.
  9. Take joint exercise or fitness training.
  10. Give her a framed picture album with her lovely pictures inside.
  11. Play challenge matches on Xbox or PS3 together.
  12. Wear her favorite colored shirts.
  13. Recommend a different hairstyle for her.
  14. Persuade her to come if you go out to try a new delicacy.
  15. Drop her intimate quotations on her email every day.
  16. If someone warns or disturbs her, stand up for her.
  17. Whenever you see her, still retain your good sense of humour.
  18. Give her a beautiful nickname.
  19. Organize a celebration exclusively for her.
  20. Go with her to occasions that matters to her.
  21. Develop a customized t-shirt for her.
  22. Go on a ride.
  23. visit the zoo together.
  24. Give her a cute cat or dog if she likes dogs.

What Ladies Really Want

Girls want to have a superhero as their man. Somebody who’s going to help all their crazy dreams. A boyfriend who is going to inspire them to obey their hearts and tell them they have what it takes to make it happen.

The girls want an equal partner. Someone who’s going to do laundry willingly. Somebody who’s going to help them with the cooking. Someone who, during one meal, would agree to pay the bill and encourage them to pay the bill during the next one.

The girls want a crazy partner. Somebody who will shake her body and grab them behind. Somebody who will be able to make them feel like the sexiest single woman in the world.

Girls are searching for a confidant. Someone they will feel relaxed talking to about their deepest problems, their most difficult issues. A boyfriend who will never turn away from them, even though their eyes are overflowing with tears and their cheeks are stained with makeups.

Girls desires to have a brother as a boyfriend. Somebody who, even on the toughest days of their lives, will give them hope. Someone who remembers every little information about them, from their favorite fragrance of perfume to their favorite Candies.

Girls will always choose chocolate at all times. They need a boyfriend who will tickle them from behind and give them a kiss on her cheek, somebody who can put them in the mood only with the sound of his voice. How romantic that could be. Things like this really turns them on.




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