50 Points to Consider Before Moving into Marriage as a Single Man or Woman
50 Points to Consider Before Moving into Marriage as a Single Man or Woman

When you plan to get married, marry a friend, marry character that you can manage, the wedding day will feel like a rapid free-fall. It’s quick to get wrapped up in wedding planning and decisions revolve around every single interaction with your other partner. But it’s important to take this time, whether your wedding is months or years away, not just to plan for a huge wedding, but also to get ready for a lifelong and happy marriage. 

Here are 50 points to consider before moving into marriage as a single man or woman:

1. Wedding is a day but marriage is a lifetime.

2. A stingy man who is single will still be stingy man when married.

3. Silence can never be misquoted.

4. If you want what no one has had, you must do what no one has done.

5. when God wants to bless you, he puts just a person in your life. But when Satan wants to curse you he puts people in your life.

6. It is better to be single and alone than to be married to the wrong person.
Avoid a contentious woman.

7 .Understanding the values of one another is very  necessary.

8. Three things women should avoid; A hot tempered man, a womanizer, a drunk.
Marrying a comedian does not guarantee a happy marriage.

9. Never be yoked to anyone who will not be yoked to God.

10. Three words that echo peace in a marriage ;I love you, I am sorry, Thank you.

11. Don’t waste your time meditating or dwelling on your singleness.

12. Cohabitation is a recipe for marital failure.

13. Deal with anti-marriage dreams.

14. Masturbation is destruction.

15. Marriage without friendship is like a sky without the sun.

16. If you rush into marriage, you may end up with someone who will bury your destiny.

17. A successful marriage is always a triangle; God, a man and a woman.

18. Why you marry is as important as who you marry.

19. Much happiness in life depends on your marital choice.

20. A man needs divine wisdom from God in choosing who to marry.

21. Do not place your priority on good looks, no woman is ugly, she just needs rebranding.

22.Three major characteristics to look for a woman; Fear of God, Wisdom, Discretion (beauty is vanity).

23. The best way to enslave a woman is to show her love excessively -as a rule, women they’re to be pampered.

24. Love is not blind, infatuation and lust are blind.

25. Love puts God first, lust puts sex first.

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26. Avoid hoping for another’s change in marriage; a bad person will never change.

27. Test every love with your peace of mind, if it is absent, God is not there.

28. If you are a true friend, you will attract true friends.

29. Caring hearts never lack caring hands.

30. Desperation leads to frustration.

31. Bad marriage can be avoided before they begin.

32. Keep yourself pure and your bed undefiled.

33. It is spiritual insanity to plan to convert someone so you can marry the person.

34. Wage war against the devil that fought your parents marriage.

35. Marriage is a covenant, always look before you leap.

36. It is better to be single believing God to be married than to be single.

37. A broken courtship is better than a failed marriage.

38. Do not marry money or property, marry a person.

39. Be presentable, remember the worst place after hell fire is bad marriage.

40. Marry someone who makes you the best vision of yourself.

41. Have a talk about each others earnings.

42. The right person will always create out time for you; no one is too busy is just the matter of priority.

43. Your spouse is not going to complete you; it’s very important for you to concentrate on yourself, not in a selfish way, not in a way that disregards your spouse, but  in a way that you understand taking care of yourself allows you add your best self to your relationship.

44. Conflict is inevitable in relationship, accept your role in solving it; It’s hard to believe that there would be disagreements or that your partner has irritating characteristics and behaviors while you’re in the honeymoon period, but all of that awaits. How you going to deal with it really matters.

45. Discuss what you think a breach of trust would entail; Are you going to be monogamous and just committed to each other, or are you OK with a more open marriage? It relies on the couple and what their personal limits and convictions are.

46. Don’t end things right away when the going gets rough; many young married couples get divorced very quickly, less than four years into their marriages.

47. “In our world today, there is a mindset that if something doesn’t work for you, get rid of it.” But conflicts are ways to expand in marriages and relationships.

48. Give yourself the opportunity to try to sort it out, unless you are experiencing violence or other unacceptable actions.

49. Live together Before getting married, more than three-quarters of couples married last year (77%) lived together for good reason.

50. Get to meet each other’s favorite people ; whether it’s their closest group of friends or an entire extended family, getting to know the most smart characters in the lives of each other gives you insight into who the other is as an individual.



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